Red Humidifier

Red Humidifier
With its 4.1L, removable, and easy-to-refill tank, the HZ117 will last over 24 hours before the next refill. The humidity can be adjusted with a knob from very low to very high. It also has an ON/OFF button in the back, where you can simply turn it off.
This humidifier does not require a filter, simply once every 6 uses clean the tank and the base with vinegar and warm water.

Humidification is important especially in the dry season.  It helps with relieving scratchy throat, dry nasal passages, and relieves dryness.

Humidifier also helps with reducing static electricity, keeps plant healthier, and also helps keeps home warm in the winter months and cooler in the summer months.

Our beautiful HZ117 humidifier and can easily blend in with your kitchen or living room, while working for hours to make your home comfortable.
$ 25.00